MR HoloLens experience

April 20th, 2018 GRAND OPEN !!!!

What is HoloLens??

"HoloLens"is a wirelessly head-mounted holographic computer.
You can experience a world that is integrated with virtual space while you are there.


"See them! Meet them!" The Islanders on Gunkanjima!?

Explore MR (Mixed Reality) in the Museum!
HoloLens game"Gunsho-kun from Gunkanjima- Find the shadowy black diamond-"

Wearing the HoloLens and going around the Museum...
The Islanders living on Gunkanjima and the items of that time come up to the real world! It seems like you get lost in the Gunkanjima of those days. Let's explore the island with the tour guide Gansho-kun! Since the custom items for Gunsho-kun are hidden in the Museum, you can get them and customize for your own Gunsho-kun!

You can join a game which you can experience the coal mining activity.
Who can dig the largest amount of coal?
It's lucky if you can get the power-up items! Now you can upgrade your coal mining tools! Let's use it to make a difference with other competitors!
Let's become a Best Miner! Please check the amount of coal mining after playing game.

Watch game description movie

You can receive a postcard
as the souvenir for attending the game!

Osanpo Gansho-kun

Scan the QR code in the postcard...
You can enjoy even more with the smartphone app
"Osanpo Gansho-kun"
and meet Gansho-kun on your Smartphone!

About play time

The journey time is about 1 hour.
After gaming experience, you can spend time on other areas in the museum.

About price

  Museum entrance fee MR HoloLens experience fee Total
Adult 1800 Yen 1000 Yen 2800 Yen
Junior high/
High school student
1300 Yen 1000 Yen 2300 Yen
Elementary student
(Ages 8 and over)
800 Yen 500 Yen 1300 Yen
Infant 500 Yen Out of service 500 Yen

* Passengers under 8 years old are not allowed. (Only Museum entrance is possible)

About reservation

Please check the reservation form to choose a suitable time to experience HoloLens.
Only blank cells in the calendar are available for reservation. If your desired day is full, please choose another timing.
For tourists, if you wish to participate in, reservation is recommended.
You should arrive 5 minutes before the tour starts. Please present your reservation completion email at the reception.
Please provide your basic personal information at the reception before joining.

About payment

When placing your reservation, the following payment methods are accepted: Credit card and Bank transfer.
In addition, for the group reservation, the representative will gather and place the payment.
We can not refund for cancellation. Changing the reservation date/time is possible up to one week before the playing day. It can not be changed after that.
If you wish to change reservation information, please contact us via phone number (+81-95-895-5000)

About restrictions on use

  • Children under 13 years old
  • Pregnant, elderly, one with a weak heart, people with serious illnesses, those with a pacemaker or other medical devices
  • People who need assistance for standing and sitting, those who cannot keep a stable posture
  • Anyone who has motion sickness
  • Who doesn't feel well
  • Who could not comply with the instructions of the warning labels on the machine and valet
  • Other terms of use, inappropriate staff members

Please contact us for the following case

  • Persons with disabilities (Personal attendant required)


There is a plan that is a set of Gunkanjima tour and MR HoloLens experience!

Gunkanjima Conceirge landing and cruising tour
with MR HoloLens set plan

Tourists using the Gunkanjima Concierge landing and cruising tour can book the HoloLens Game together!

About Gunkanjima landing and cruising tour price and HoloLens game fee

  Museum entrance
HoloLens experience
Gunkanjima tour
Adult 900 Yen 1000 Yen 4300 Yen
(Included 300Yen for Landing fee)
6200 Yen
Junior high /
High school children
650 Yen 1000 Yen 3300 Yen
(Included 300Yen for Landing fee)
4950 Yen
Elementary student 400 Yen (Ages 8 and over)
500 Yen
2150 Yen
(Included 150Yen for Landing fee)
3450 Yen
Infant 500 Yen Out of service Out of service 500 Yen

※The elementary school students can experience HoloLens game. But the infants cannot attend Gukanjima tour and HoloLens experience.


Tourists who participate together with the Gunkanjima landing and cruising tour should reserve from the Gunkanjima Concierge reservation page.
You can not attend the HoloLens experience during Landing tour time. Please make sure to select the other time.

9:30 - 13:15 is not allowed
12:24 - 15:45 is not allowed

Payment will be paid in bulk with the Gunkanjima Concierge landing & cruising tour price.

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