2021/06/18About the new reception place of all tour plans

Important Notice

Dear customers,

Gunkanjima Digital Museum and Gunkanjima Concierge (ship tour) will combine together at 21/June/2021. 

Gunkanjima Concierge lounge will change to the waiting room for tour.


Reception of all tour plans will become at Gunkanjima Digital Museum

Reception Time:

Regular plan: 09:40am (morning tour) / 12:50pm (afternoon tour)

Priority plan: 09:00am (morning tour) / 12:50pm (afternoon tour)

Premium plan: 09:00am (morning tour) / 12:50pm (afternoon tour)


We are sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding

Universal Workers Co.


◇Gunkanjima Concierge (Ship Tour)

〒850-0843 Nagasaki City Tokiwa-machi 1-60
Email : ask@gunkanjima-concierge.com

◇Gunkanjima Digital Museum

〒850-0921 Nagasaki City Matsugae-machi 5-6
Email : info@gdm.nagasaki.jpinfo@gdm.nagasaki.jp">

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