2021/01/09「Remnants of the lights on Gunkanjima」 - Satoru Maruyama

「Remnants of the lights on Gunkanjima」


My grandfather lived in Building No.3 which at the highest place and the middle of Hashima.


Building No.3 was on the top of the hill on the island, so the view from his house was great.


You can see the work place of the mining factory and the deep blue sea s from balcony.


And if you look back, you can see the Nomo Peninsula (in Nagasaki city) with gentle mountains.

It was really a nice view.

The difference between Building No.3 and other building was that there were many rooms in Building No.3 and had bathroom in house.


I used to take bath in my grandfather’s house when I was a kid.

Building No.3’s bathroom was different from other Building that you can enjoy bathroom by yourself.


And a strange sight can be seen in this company house.


That was the night I stayed at my grandfather's house when I was in elementary school.


When I wake up in the middle of the night, the pitch-black room becomes slightly brighter for a few seconds and then darkens again.


The mysterious darkening that makes the room slightly brighter in less than a minute is repeated.


I couldn't understand what the light really was, but after a while I realized that the light was coming in from outside the window.


Looking out the window, the light of the Kabashima Lighthouse at the southern end of the Nobo Peninsula was illuminating the inside of the window.


I was watching a ray of light from the lighthouse for a while.


And the sight of vaguely gazing at the strange darkening room and lying on his back on the futon was even stranger.


The sight of the faint light coming in from the lighthouse was an event sixty years ago, but for some reason the light from the lighthouse remains vividly memorable.


Does the lighthouse light still illuminate Gunkanjima, which is silent in the dark?





Maruyama Ryo


Born February 26, 1945


He spends his time on Gunkanjima from his birth until he graduates from high school in 1967.

He had a miner's father, and both grandfathers were miners.

The apartments he lived in are Buildings 16, 18, and 65.

At that time, he was a student and experienced various things such as play and events on Gunkanjima.

Gunkanjima says "the place of youth."


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