2021/01/09「Collapse of Building No. 30 with many memories」- Minoru Kinoshita

"Collapse of Building No. 30 with many memories"

  I was born in December 1953 in a Nagaya building (condominium) behind the Showakan (movie theater) on Hashima.

  Soon after I was born, I moved to Building No.30 and lived in there until I went to elementary school.

  My memories in Building No.30 were Typhoon No.9 in 1956 and Typhoon No.14 in 1959, also an "Isewan Typhoon" that caused huge damage to this island.

  I don't remember about Typhoon No.9, but I remember that after Typhoon No.14, first floor of Building No.30 submerged and furnitures in my house were floating in the seawater. 

  Also, I remember that I held by my father and get on a small boat called “Pon Pon Boat” when I went to Nagasaki after the pier destroyed.

  I moved to Nagaya building (condominium), and then Building No.16, 9th floor of Building No.65, and 6th floor of Building No.65 last. 6th floor of Building No.65 was the last place I lived on Hashima.

  Life on Hashima was a lot of fun for the kids.

  I knew that Hashima closed in 1974 (Showa 49) and became an abandoned island when I was 21.
  When I saw the last residents leaving the island on TV, I felt that my hometown disappeared and I asked my father what would happen to Hashima.

  My father said that the building on Hashima would probably collapse and the whole island would return to the original reef because no one would live there anymore.

  In fact, I thought so, and I kept telling my kids that my hometown was gone.

  After I reached the retirement age of my job, I was lucky enough to encounter a tour guide job that about my hometown Hashima because I needed to find a new job,

  Because of the new job, I learned about the history of my hometown Hashima, the history of coal mine and structures. I am really glad to know how wonderful Hashima was.

  Also, I would like to appreciate to many people for worked hard to make Hashima to become a World Heritage Site.

  However, "Building No.30"(the oldest building), which we were most worried about on Hashima, has begun to collapse after five years when Hashima registered as a World Heritage Site.

  Many people suggested about the maintaining of Building No.30.

  Although it is unavoidable about the collapse of a building that 103 years old, I just hope that it will keep original shape for as long as possible.

Profile :
木下 稔 Minoru Kinoshita
Born in 1953 on Hashima (Showa 28 in Japan)
Lived on Hashima till Year 1 of Hashima secondary school
Father was a Projectionist on Hashima theater ”Showa theater”

Career : 
Guide of Gunakanjima Digital Museum


"The changing of Building No.30"

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