2019/11/26「The rising sun and sunset of my house」- Satoru Maruyama

「The rising sun and sunset of my house」

In 1955, my grandmother lived on the second floor of Building 65, so I often went to stay there.
I always can enjoy sunrises from the Nomo Island when I eat breakfast.

In around 1965, my parents lived in Building No. 14 (central company apartment), at that time I was not a resident of Hashima, so I go back to my hometown sometimes.

I could enjoy my dinner while watching the soft sunlight setting on the horizon.
I didn't pay attention to this landscape and saw it as a normal thing.
But I realized that these landscapes were a blissful time in my life after that.

I am still missing that landscape view.
I hope I can enjoy my meal while watching it.


丸山 了 Satoru Maruyama

Born in 1945 February 26
Lived on Gunkanjima until graduated from high school in 1967.
My grandfather and father both were coal miner
Lived in Building No 16,18 and 65
Enjoyed lots of funny event when I was still student on Gunkanjima
Gunkanjima was my “Place of youth”



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