2020/08/07About the prevention against Coronavirus in Museum

We have already reopened on 23 July from temporary closed.

We are taking prevention against Coronavirus by the guidelines below,


◎To visitor

・Please use hand sanitizer first and we will check your temperature at entrance.
   Then please fill in the medical questionnare at reception. 
  (Please do not visit our museum when you feel sick or having fever.)
・Please wear mask when you visit our museum.
 We may refuse your visiting if you without mask.
    Thank you for your understanding.

・Please disinfect your hand by using hand sanitizer at entrance or in museum.

・Please keep quiet and social distance with other visitor in museum.

◎About our prevention in museum

・We will give you the change or leaflet on tray.

・Setting plastic curtain on reception.

・Setting hand sanitizer at every floor and toilet.

・We will ventilate when less or no visitor.
  (Because of the projections, it is dark in museum.)

・Staff will keep disinfecting in museum.

・Setting Air cleaners at every floor.

・Setting hand gloves and ear cover for visitor to touch or use headphone.

・Close the toilet hand dryer.

◎About our staff

・Confirm temperature before on work.

・Wearing face shield and mask.

・Keep distance from visitor.

・Disinfect hand regularly.

We will try our best to do take prevention and hope you can visit our museum without worry
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