2020/06/15Introduction of Gansho-kun

Hi everyone,
My name is Ko from Hong Kong.

The pandemic is still all over the world.
Keep safe and remember to wear mask!

Today, I'm going to introduce about our mascot character.
In Japanese they call ”ガンショーくん Gansho kun”.

"Gansho" in Japanese means reef rock made by crustal movements.
There is a big reef rock under Gunkanjima, lots of coal stone inside this rock.

Mitsubishi company in Japan bought and rebuilded this island, because of the coal stone. 
After the rebuilded and landfill, the island became like a battleship called "TOSA" in Japan.
So everyone give Gansho-kun a nickname call "Gunkanjima".
(Gunkan means battleship in Japanese.)

Animation about Gansho-kun !

Gansho-kun is popular in Nagasaki.
If you visit Nagasaki, you can see a Gansho-kun street car running in Nagasaki City.
Dont forget to take photo if you saw it !

Also, we have a few exhibition about Gansho-kun in Museum.
One of a exhibition call "Holo Lens" and you may want to try it if you are a fan of Gansho-kun !

Some funny images will appear when you wear the HoloLens and walk through our museum.
Gansho-kun will follow you while you walk in museum.

You can experience a world that is integrated with virtual space while you are there.
For more information about Holo Lens !

At last, remember to take a look of our Souvenir Corner.
We have a lots of Gansho-kun souvenirs there.

We also have a online shop about Souvenirs of Gunaknjima and Gansho-kun.
You can see our souvenirs while this quarantine time.
But our Online shop is not available overseas shipping :(
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