2020/03/29Souvenirs of our Museum Part 5

Hi, I'm from Hong Kong and one of a staff of Gunkanjima Digital Museum.

Today I would like to introduce about souvenirs of our Museum.

This time is about masking tape.
We offer 6 types of masking tape,
Digital Museum original and "Gansho-kun" design.

First, I would like to introduce about the original design one.

This pattern is a complete view of Gunkanjima.
Most popular masking tape and out of stock soon.

This is the "X-stairs"pattern.
"X-stairs" is one of the famous spot on Gunkanjima.
Don't you think the shape and design of the stairs are cool right?

This pattern is about the window of Building No.70.
Building No.70 is the primary & secondary school on Gunkanjima.
The big window is one of a feature of the school.
They need to let children to enjoy the sunshine,
because Gunkanjima was concrete jungle before.

Next is about the "Gansho-kun" one.

This is the seawave pattern.
Seawave come around Gansho-kun everyday.
You can see his face when sea wave is low.

This is the"colorful" pattern.
Different color of Gansho-kun and his is cute right ?

This is the"face"pattern.

If you are the fan of Gansho-kun, you must take a look this one! 

Don't forget to take a look the masking tape when you visit our Museum! ( ^_^)/

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