2020/03/10Introduction of our museum ③

Hello, I am from Hong Kong, one of a staff of Digital Museum.

This time I would like to introduce about the popular exhibit 「VR」of our museum.

We have two types of VR in our museum. (No extra charge)
The bicycle one and the controller one.
Both VR can see the places which are forbidden inside the Gunkanjima.
Even you join the landing tour, there are lots of places you can not visit on Gunkanjima.
So the videos of VR are very important and rare.

First, I would like introduce about The bicycle one.

In Japanese call "Susumu VR",
"Susumu"means "go forward" in English.
The bike and VR are connecting together,

if you pedal the bike, the video will go forward together.
You can see the view of Gukanjima from Sky !

Next, the controller one is about walking in Gunkanjima.
You can see the places which are forbidden through this VR.

Take a sit and use the controller to choose you video you like to see.
There are total 13 videos in this VR.
You can enjoy the 360 view inside the Gunkanjima.

For example.
Video no.13 is about going inside the building no.30 in Gunkanjima.
Building no.30 is the olddest building in the island.
Built in 1916 and it is the first high rise concrete building in Japan.

Although the landing place is fixed and tourist can go on the island.
There are lots of places we can not go inside.
So you can know more about the Gunkanjima through the VR of our museum.
Looking forward your visiting m(_ _)m
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