2020/02/17Souvenir of our Museum Part 4

Hi, This is Ko from Hong Kong.

Nagasaki is snowing today and I have never saw snow when I lived in Hong Kong.

So every time i saw snow in Nagasaki,
I will be super exciting. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Today I am going to introduce about some postcards of our museum.

We have lots of postcards like famous spots or buildings in Gunkanjima.

There are 3 type of postcards about the full view of Gunkanjima.
Daytime, Evening and Painting one.

First, this is a daytime full view of Gunkanjima.

Most popular postcat in our museum.

This is the evening of Gunkanjima.
It really looks like a battleship when you see it from far away.

This is the painting one.
This painting by Japanese artist”Ms Kanako” and painted by ink.
3/F of our museum has a exhibition about this painting.
If you stand in front of this paniting and wave your hands,
you can see a special video behind the painting.

Next is about buildings and famous spots in the island.

This is the only shrine in Gunkanjima.
It is a important shrine  to residents on the island.

This a belt conveyor for transporting coal stone. 

This is the"X-stair" on the island.

The shape is very special that makes people wonder what is this stair for.
It actually is corridor between 2 buildings.

This is the biggest building on Gunkanjima called Building No.65.
The space between the building which used by different movies before.
(Like Japanese animation movie Attack on Titan etc.)

This is the most oldest building on the island called Building No.30.
103 years old building and the first high-rise concrete building in Japan.

If you want to send the postcard to your country,
you can buy stamps from convenience store.
By plane : 70 yen
By ship : 60 yen

Don't miss the postcard area when you visit our museum!
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