2020/02/08Lovely Chiles couple


How are you everyone

I’m Toshiro from the Gunkanjima Digital Museum.

This time is a story of nice couple who came from Chile.


Thank you for coming Gunkanjima digital museum.

I hope this blog finds you well.





It was very interesting because it was my first customer from Chile

Patagonia Nature.and The Easter island is famous for its giant Moai statues.

I’m sorry bat my knowledge is that much about Chile .



They talked me a lot about Chile

Now He works in Kurume .

She is a Chilean college student.

She have a vacation and came to see him.



They showed me to she’s home and home town in Chile

 using panorama big screen.

She was very pleased to find her toy in the garden.





They seemed to be enjoying VR!!



Just that morning we saw a Rainbow appeared in the Nagasaki harbor .It is very unusual

It was just like God blessed them .



【Customer comments】

We loved the city of Nagasaki and the Gunkanjima Museum .

Especially the great attention of Mr Toshiro . who received us

with hospitality and made our tour of the Museum much more present …

And H’s commuted of English was very favorable. We also commuted about our countnies

And we looked for them on Google mads … that was fun !!! Arigatou gozaimasu !!


I ‘m very happy about your comments.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Japan .


I hope. I sent you the photo as an

attachment to the mail

Please contact me if it is correct">

See you soon on the next blog

Gunkamjima digital museum

Staff  Toshi


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