2019/12/07Nice guys came from UK


How are you everyone

I’m Toshiro from the Gunkanjima Digital Museum


The weather has been very changeable lately
but I hope that you are well.
Little by little it feels like winter in the air here.


This time is a story of nice guys who came from England.



Thomas lives in London and he is doing computer related work.



Ben is an ophthalmologist and his hometown is Manchester.


Manchester was once a coal mine town

and Manchester was also famous for its cotton factory

when the Industrial Revolution first took place in England, 100 years before Japan.


Ben. is taller



 Sometimes Thomas teases Ben 

however  they are good friends




(Customer feedback)  Thomas

I found the gunkan jima museum a fantastic experience.

Toshiro is a wonderful guide and enriched an experience
greatly the staff at the museum were incredibly accommodating
with a variety of foreign language options and
I’d fully recommend the experience to anybody in Nagasaki.

Thanks again Toshiro !


Thomas Lynch 

London United Kingdom



(customer feedback)  Ben

Gunkanjima  Museum is a very high tech and welcoming environment to learn about

what was once a very high tech part of the world.

It has made me very excited to visit Hashima myself this afternoon.

Thank you !  


Ben  Ayliffe

Manchester  United Kingdom


Thank you for coming to Gunkanjima digital museum
hope to see you guys again


Alright  let’s meet next blog

 bye bye you meet again

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