2019/09/25About our landing tour

Due to The Typhoon just passed through Nagasaki,
The landing places on the island are destroyed by the Typhoon.


Nagasaki goverment trying to fix the damage of the Gunkanjima.
all customers can not landing on the island untill the places are fixed.

Our all "Landing Plan" will change to "Cruising Plan"
untill we receive the landing permit from Nagasaki goverment

"Cruising Plan" means the round trip for Gunkanjima.
Our ship will just go near by and look around of the island.

Cause the charge of "Langing Plan" and "Cruising Plan" are different.

If you have already taken the reservation of our Langing Plan ,

we will refund the difference of the charge to you.

Also, you can have full refund of our plan if you want to cancel the plan.

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