2019/04/24「The Hashima School Reunion」- Azuma Ishikawa

  My name is Azuma Ishikawa, I am the 2nd leader of 「Hashima school reunion」.
I am going to introduce about how the school reunion were setup and the past of it.

  Hashima(Gunkanjima) were abandoned over 45 years. The resident on Hashima left in just 3 month since the mining place were closed in 1974,

  The resident regrouped together and established 「Hashima reunion」in Japan after few years, Miners, school teachers and also shop workers registered in the group and decided to meet again every 10 years.

 「Hashima reunion」had a social gathering in Takashima and take ship to cruising around Hashima after 10 years later. The same gathering continued in 20th ,25th year. Although the reunion said the last one was after 30th year, they still gathered in 35th year again,

  The 35th was the last gathering of「Hashima reunion」and over 300 people gathered. When the leader said because of members are elderly and they decided this is the last gathering, some young members established a new group, also the elderly can join in too.

  The young member made a new group in 2010 and named the group as「Hashima school reunion」.I was responsible about the name list of all residents on Hashima. It was difficult to find residents information especially Hashima was closed and abandoned over 35 years. I found a name list about the old school gathering (after WW2 1945) from my senior when I was worried about how.

  The first name list of alumnae in 1894 to 1945 was completed very soon because my senior helped me a lot.

  The leader of different grade helped me a lot about the name list. I want to Takashima again and tried to ask the school on Takashima about the information of Hashima School,

  However, I found out that there were only two years name list of Hashima in Takashima School. Then I went to Nagasaki City Library to find about the teacher name list on Hashima School.

  I organized one by one in my computer of all information I’ve found.

  First gathering was decided and started preparing at the same year「Hashima school reunion」established (in 2010).

  Hashima School established in 3rd November 1893 by Mitsubishi so the gathering of「Hashima school reunion」decided to establish on the same day. The members want to go inside and get close to Hashima School therefor they needed the permission from Nagasaki City.

  The invitation we sent to he leader of each grade included with their junior’s name to let them invite some new member to join. We still cannot invite all of them to join even after 10 years.

  Our reunion name list included most of the student in Hashima School. In 1964, over 2000 people left Hashima because the explosion accident in coal mine and we want to find out their information too.

  At 2nd gathering, the official name list completed and we only could understand around 40% of the residents. But now is over 50%(before WW2 1939), over 60%(after WW2 1945) of them. Our target is increase 10% every 10 years later.

  Therefor, we want to know about the information when Hashima School closed, it will be a pleasure if anyone who can provide any information about it.

  Hashima School closed in 1974 and no more alumnae. Most of member getting older or even passed away and decrease in every year. So we decided to change the gathering in every 2 years to let them can join our reunion as soon as possible.

  Hashima is still clearly in my mind even I am getting old. But my family is not talking about Hashima anymore. I work in Gunkanjima Digital Museum and introduce about Hashima to the visitor. When resident on Hashima came to Museum, we share about the good old time memory to each other.

  We are planning to have some event in November 3 this year, let’s join our reunion and share about the memory if you are the resident or even you stayed on Hashima for just a short time. Our reunion can bring you back to the good old time!

  You can bring your parents or brothers, sisters to join our reunion or bring your family to come and see Hashima, let’s tell them about your story and the history about The World Heritage Hashima.

  We created Facebook group about or reunion and we will share about the latest news about our group. Please share to the other resident if you see our Facebook page!


About our page,

please search「端島小中学校同窓会」on Facebook or click the link below!端島小中学校同窓会-230938014141066/



Profile of 石川 東 Azuma Ishikawa 

Born in Miyazaki on 1945

Lived in Hashima around 18 years

Leader of “Hashima School Reunion”

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