2018/11/09「The Showa-kan (Movie theater on Hashima)」 - Masakatsu Uchida

There was a movie theater called "Showa-kan" in Hashima (Gunkanjima).
"Showa-kan" built in 1927 (Showa 2 in Japan) and my father told me that

the Art Deco design of "Showa-kan" was very rare in Japan.
When I was a child, I think Deco means (おでこOdeko) Forehead in Japan.
I didn't understand the meaning of Art Deco. 

The workers in Hashima were 3 shifts work in a day and they had well work welfare.
The movie theater was always crowded because a part of them were free at daytime.
The movie film was from Fukuoka directly and sometimes even faster then Nagasaki city.
So lots of movie fans came from outside to see movie in Hashima.

"Showa-kan" not just only for movies, it also used for a stage of theatre, concert, entertainment show for the worker, even NHK's singing show 「NHKのど自慢」.
Some TV broadcaster also came in Showa-kan because audio equipment was great.

One film was show 2 times in one day normally.
3 days or 4 days was the same film when the ship can't get closer to Hashima because of high wave or typhoon.
I am not sure but I remember that the movie ticket price was 30yen for adult, 10yen for children.

The "Showa-kan" at north west and nearby sea.
It always hit by 10m high wave when bad weather.
Sometimes the movie was about a love story nearby the peaceful foreside,
but everyone laughed because of the sound from sea wave outside.

Also, the staff used the speaker to shout when climax scene or touching scene.

"Mr.xx please go to the work office."
I can see some workers went out that they were worry about if it is accident in the coal mine

My father was the same,
so every time when he leave to work, he told me to watch until the end
and tell him about the story he skipped when he came home.

In 1948 (Showa 23 in Japan), a movie「緑なき島」(The island without green) used Hashima was became a hot topic in Japan.
So the preview of the movie was in Showa-kan and most residents went to see the movie.
I don't remember the story but I was excited when I saw the place or someone I knew in the movie.

Showa-kan was closed in 1970 (Showa 45 in Japan).

4 years later, Hashima was closed, the end of 85 years history and 16.5million tons coals production.




内田 正克 Masakatsu Uchida

Born in Showa 11 (1936) 23 August in Nagasaki City
Lived in Hashima from Showa 16 to 27 (1941 to 1952) untill graduated elementary school.
Live in Osaka now

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