2019/09/10「The memory of Hashima」- Minoru Kinoshita

My job is a tour guide of Gunkanjima Digital Museum.
I want to write some memories and feelings about Hashima from many seniors and juniors.

Over half a century snice I left my hometown Hashima. 

Hashima became world heritage in 2015
and so many Japan media evan foreign media interviewed Hashima. 
I think it's great that my hometown I was born in became famous like this.

Some resident said "Please leave Hashima peacefully and don't make it famous."
But for me ,
I went near to Hashima and saw it from far away in Nagasaki for few times.
What I saw Hashima was still lively and colourful.
The school was still brightly white that make your eyes dazzling,
so many children on the school playground and always crowdy anyway.
Few years ago, I found out that there is a landing tour for Hashima.
The old memory makes me joined the tour.

I am "The hidden resident" for Hashima that evan don't know about landing tour.

When I landed on Hashima after half a century,
there were too many changes on Hashima that I evan don't kwon where am I.
I was shocked by the first impact of Hashima.

The lively Hashima was totally destroyed and became ruined.
Strong typhoons came to Hashima and broke the revetment wall.
Evan make the shape changed and make rebar sticking out of concrete.
I don't want to see.
No , I don't want to let other one see.
「That is not The Hashima I knew」that I want to scream out and tell everyone. 

However , Hashima was abandoned over 40 years and whole island became ruined.
I am not expect that Hashima will return someday.
The necessary problem is "How" can we keep and hold the building.
I am not the expert of architecture but i hope they can keep all buildings on Hashima.

Especially, the school should be the first of the maintaining.
Nagasaki city is planning to extend the landing place on Hashima.
I hope the landing place can extend to the school.

The landing tour can see the back side of the school only,
tourists can't feel about how big the school is.
So I suggest the landing place extend to the school and let tourists feel about it.
Also on school playground , tourists can see Building No.65,
Hashima hospital and 「X-stair」.
Those are some famous spot on Hashima.

If it works, tourists can know more about how Hashima being symbolic of Modernization in Japan.
Also can make Hashima more attractive.

Right now I am one of a guide of Gunkanjima Digital Musseum.
It is a precious that I can tell everybody how wonderful Hashima is.
It is my duty to tell everyone that the things only the resident knew,
the attraction part of Hashima.

Profile :
Kinoshita Minoru 
Born in 1953 on Hashima (Showa 28 in Japan)
Lived on Hashima till Year 1 of Hashima secondary school
Father was a Projectionist on Hashima theater ”Showa theater”

Career : 
Guide of Gunakanjima Digital Museum
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