2019/06/04Thanks Alex & Asuka

Dear Alex & Asuka 

How are you doing


Thank you for came to the gunkanjima digital museum

And thank you for your kind words

I hope this blog finds you well


Alex mail

We came to the digital museum of visiting gunkanjima Island

Because we have small children

 This museum has more than expected. The VR  

Especially is superb because you can get a full view of the island.

Toshiro was very helpful wish answering our questions during the tour



They came from Sydney, Australia


Asuka’s hometown is Chiba They on the way home


 They have very cute children

Beautiful boy name is Max .青空(そら)

Beautiful girl name is Hanna. 椛(はな)ちゃん

It’s a very nice family



I hope you will come again to the museum

 when the children grow up

’d like to go Australia someday


Ok then let’s meet again next blog  

See you soon


 Gunkanjima digital museum  Toshi



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